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Shepherd's Corner #1

Shepherd's Corner #1

Black Country origins and Socks....


G'day all,

First wee post for Shepherd's Corner and I thought I'd just share a bit about us.

Our team is made up of four Kiwi's who range from a qualified Chef, Nursing Student, Early Childhood Educator and a Shepherd. There's also a baby in the mix but at this stage he's in more of an emotional support role.

Black Country Started when us two Black brothers (hence the name Black Country), Josh and Jord had a yarn one Friday night with their ladies Bex and Lillie and ideas started brewing. A couple of beers and then more ideas.


This is where I come in - I had not long started a role in what would traditionally be called a Shepherd/General position (although is much broader than this). I had done various roles on and off farm, spent some time serving in the Army and had been hunting for a few years but still needed some good gear for the farm. I had to go to that many different places to get good kit and it took a considerable amount of time to sort the good from the crap. Lots of boots, jerseys, knives and socks...but not all socks are created equal...(cheers Norsewear for making awesome socks...their entire range is the best.) 

These are my favourites


Anyway, long story short is Josh and I had always wanted to do something together and this was it. I was frustrated at having to go all round the city for good gear and Josh was seeing a solution. 

We were bought up out Swanannoa/Rangiora in Canterbury way so are country boys at heart and thought together with Bex and Lillie, we could make something happen.

So along came Black Country, a one stop shop that only sells Quality gear that is, as absolutely as much as possible, made in New Zealand. 

Being involved in sheep and beef I'm keen to support the NZ Wool industry and this is something we're all behind. We won't stock synthetic socks and where possible, other products because it just doesn't compete with wool. End of story. Blends are ok as this can maximise what the natural fibres offer but nothing beats wool for; warmth (even when wet), durability, odour control and cushioning/loft even with weight. 

We've had a tremendous amount of rain down here in Canterbury lately and even though the GriSport Hunter boots I wear were real performers, nothing can stop water coming down into your boots when it's half way up your legs! Cue woollen socks! ... those boots were great on the hill in the rain though.

That's a bit about us, myself and some of our products which we really do back and support. I'm sure future posts will entail some of my successes and lessons on farm, hunting trips (be the successful or not) and maybe a yarn or two about Winston Peters...or maybe not.


Anyway, we really appreciate all of our customers and followers thus far and our suppliers for letting the underdog have a crack and allowing us to stock your stuff. Special shout out to Steve from Norsewear for being a big support and treating us well...and Tim from Wilkins Canvas...the gaiters are choice and we've had nothing but good feedback...and they're flying out the door! Also to Nicki and Roger for your advice and patience. Also taking me on as a keen young guy who is full of beans, equally full of mistakes but very grateful for a great job with great people. 


Until next time,



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