Shepherd's Corner #2

Winter update...with a cheeky southern poem at the end.

We're approaching the tale end of winter and even though it's been a fairly mild one to be fair there have been the usual cold spells heavy rain and a few good frosts.

I test all of our gear out in the elements and I'm bloody happy with all of it. 

This year I treated myself to some Skellerup Quatros and they have really performed. They kept my feet warm all winter even on the coldest of mornings and have enough support and grip for walking the hills...pretty sure even the dogs want a pair..or two each...maybe next year.

Also the Kaiwaka Stormforce Jacket is a true performer....check out this video from earlier in the season. It's worth every penny and is tough enough for every day farm use...doesn't rip when caught on fences etc and is truly 100% water proof day after day which is a rarity in modern jackets.

We're approaching Black Country's 1 year anniversary so keep an eye out for some top notch deals - that said, the BC team and I would like to thank every customer who has purchased from us, our facebook followers, NZ farming and all our suppliers for being good buggers. The good folk who buy through us remain our priority and as we grow we'd like to assure you we're keeping you our focus.


Old mate


A frosty bite from old lady winter snaps at old mates feet,

Yet the dogs are out and ready to go and move that mob of sheep

He grits his teeth and is off up the hill because he's proud of farm and stock

but old lady winter determined as hell is snapping her nasty teeth


The rain belts down and wind whips about but old mate still pushes through 

He gets the mob in the gate and checks for every ewe

Latches the gate and and calls the dogs 'wallago, get in you lot'

Old mate turns around and there's sun and a view that's best from the top


Feel free to drop us a line through the website or email me any time with any feedback, suggestions or new product ideas.


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