Selke Enterprises's extensive wholesale range of handcrafted Hats and outdoor clothing are made in New Zealand from Leather and Fabric by a dedicated team of skilled artisans.

Established in 1973 the family firm has been selling internationally since 2001, expanding its range from traditionally-styled leather and fabric outdoor hats to include fashionable dress hats, plus a selection of stylish and hardwearing handcrafted cotton oilskin hats, vests, jackets and coats.
We are now offering our premium products to the international wholesale market.
Aimed at the discerning buyer and the outdoor man the handmade products are extremely durable and designed for a lifetime of use.

Worn by everyone from fashion conscious international sportsmen to rugged New Zealand hunters and fishermen, Selke’s range of clothing includes  hiking hats, fishing hats, hunting hats, cowboy hats, summer hats , mesh hats, breathable hats, opossum caps, lambswool caps, deerskin flat caps (cheesecutters), nappa leather flat caps (cheesecutters), trilby hats, baker boy caps and pony hats (calf skin hats).
Selke products are manufactured from premier New Zealand products. The highest attention is paid to detail and craftsmanship, with rigorous quality control, ensuring durability and stylish good looks.

If you demand the most comfortable hat or garment that will provide great performance in the toughest weather condtions, one that won’t let you down, where stringent attention is paid to detail then the Selke handcrafted products are what you’re looking for.